Word Vomit

Every mom, especially every stay at home mom, has been there. Maybe someone came over to visit you, or maybe you even found an opportunity to get out of the house alone to meet up with some friends. You’re so excited for some real, uninterrupted adult conversation that you can’t control yourself. Everything spills out and you just can’t shut up. Maybe this wouldn’t be such a problem if you couldn’t shut up about the weather, current events, what you had to eat for breakfast, or other “normal” things that people talk about. But, no… you find that you can’t shut up about how your labor went, stretch marks, c-sections scars, your episiotomy, and the never ending newborn cycle of feed, poop, and if you’re lucky, sleep.

I have such a hard time talking about anything else except for my children. Even worse, I almost always forget to STOP talking about myself and my children to ask what’s new with the other person. This is the worst when you’re talking to your childless friends. When you can’t stop talking about your kids and you know that they’re not interested, but you just. can’t. stop. talking.

I’ve even word vomited ABOUT my kids. One of my children had issues with either cow’s milk or eggs through my breastmilk when they were 1-6 months old. I had to go dairy and egg free for those five months and it was such a hard change for me that I found myself venting about it to nearly everyone…. which also led to me venting about my baby’s strange poop (the indicator that she was bothered by these foods). While I was going through that chapter of motherhood you could seriously find me talking about my baby’s bowel movements to random strangers in the grocery store as I browsed the Allergy Friendly section for dairy free snacks.

I don’t just overshare about motherhood or my children. Since becoming a mom I find myself so much more open to everyone about everything. Maybe that’s what happens after you find yourself spread eagle in front of 10 strangers while you’re giving birth.

I mean, seriously, what is it about motherhood that makes you share all of your deepest darkest secrets?? But you know what? The people I find myself “over” sharing with are always fellow moms. Because they GET IT. Motherhood can be so isolating, and sometimes it feels like no one understands us. We do invisible work all day that gets quickly undone by the merciless hands of tiny humans. No one can understand the weight that we carry on our shoulders unless they’ve been in our shoes. The dedication, hardworking love, sleepless nights, internal debates about nap schedules and meal plans… it all adds up and gets too heavy sometimes. If you need to word vomit to lighten your load and vent, then please do. Who’s to say that topics of conversation revolving around motherhood and the REAL things that mothers all around the world are going through have to be taboo anyways?

Moral of the story is that if I, or any other mom starts to word vomit all over you, please know that she feels safe with you. Let her feel heard, loved, and supported. She needs you more than you know ❤️

I see you, I see your invisible work and your quiet struggle just to make it until bed time. Keep momming 🙂 You’re rocking it!

Author: Drew Gulliver

A young wife and mom with a love of making home feel like home and food taste like happiness who spends her free time singing way too loudly in her kitchen or engulfed in a good game.

4 thoughts

  1. Very well said Drew! I think we all need someone is listen no matter what stage of life or under what circumstances we find ourselves. And, not only do we need to listen to those who willingly “vomit” their stuff (I really like that description) but we also need to be mindful of the shy, quiet person decorating the wall who desperately needs someone to listen but is either too shy, proud or embarrassed to raise their voice. Notice the overlooked and ask, “Hey, how is your day going?” It can mean the world to some.

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  2. Hey, I might be an empty nester but I so remember those days of (bliss) being a stay at home mom. (I had to work full time with my first so I was soooo grateful to be at home with my last two). It’s good that you are finding other moms to share with who know what you are going through. If I could offer some (old old mom) advice, take intentional time to listen to your friends, too. It’s good that you share and they need that too. That can be your gift of friendship. And those friendships can lead to swapping off play dates so that each of you can have some much needed time off to just be a grownup (and not having a little one spit up on your shoulder!). Take care of yourself, Drew. Motherhood is such a wonderful journey. My youngest is 27 now and her sister is 28 and I still totally enjoy being with each of them separately and love being with them together. I smile thinking about all the joys you are headed into.

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    1. Thank you for your wise words!! I recently made a very talkative friend so I’ve been doing a lot better at having balanced conversations!! ❤️ my girls are close in age too! They’re 19 months apart. I’m loving the present and can’t wait for all the fun ahead of me as well ☺️

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