Dear Mom

Dear Mom,
Please don’t forget
That I really, truly
Don’t know much yet

I don’t know green
I don’t know blue
But I love your eyes
And the sky, too

Please don’t get mad
Mom, I spilled my snack
I just wanted to know
What sound it would make: SPLAT!

Mom, please don’t forget
Even though I made a mess
I’m just trying to learn
I’m just trying my best

I want to make you happy
Mom, I really do
But I really want to learn
How this world works through you

So the next time you see me
Turning my jelly into an experiment
Please don’t forget
I just don’t know much yet

Mom, could you help me?
Learn how gravity works?
Or maybe how water acts?
Look at this duck! It goes: SPLURT!

Mom, I need your help
You see, this world is like a puzzle
I can try to put the pieces together
But when I do it wrong, I get in trouble

So when you see me playing with mud
Will you teach me how it splatters?
Then I will help you clean it up
The mess isn’t what matters

Show me how water falls
I just want to learn
And when you are done
Teach me to take a turn

I learn everything through you
I think you’re very sweet
When you have a minute
Could you tell me about my feet?

I guess I’m trying to say
Even when I’m messy or slow
Let me experiment, play, and try
I want to know ALL there is to know

Author: Drew Gulliver

A young wife and mom with a love of making home feel like home and food taste like happiness who spends her free time singing way too loudly in her kitchen or engulfed in a good game.

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