I Love my Mom

“Are you talking to me? Why are you talking to me? Stop talking to me.”

My poor mother heard those phrases daily for years. I would come home from school completely drained. I would push her away, never talk to her about anything, and take her completely for granted. She never once complained to me or yelled at me for being a brat. She was patient. She was kind. She was understanding. She woke up every morning at 6:00am to see me off to school. She was at every concert of my life (which is a lot). And I’m so thankful. Even though I spent every moment pushing her away, I needed her so close and so supportive during those times. Being a teenager is hard and she gave me exactly what I needed: love, consistency, support, space, and a safe place to call home. She loves me endlessly and relentlessly. If any moms of teenagers are reading this right now, then this is when you take a sigh of relief. We’re best friends now. She is the funniest, goofiest, kindest, strongest, most gentle, and most beautiful woman that I know. I’m 21 years old and my mom is my best friend.

Something magical happens to your relationship with your mom when you enter into motherhood yourself. You see the sleepless nights and all of the little things up close and personal. From the endless number of diaper changes to the 3am lullaby’s. From the early mornings spent preparing Thanksgiving dinner to the late nights helping you with that last minute school project. You understand the love and the sacrifice. You realize true patience as you make the third rejected meal in a row for your little one, wondering how your mom didn’t explode when you did the same thing to her. As your heart is opening up to your new bundle of joy it’s also opening up to create a huge spot for another great love: your mom.

Her job as a mom wasn’t over when I moved out. It wasn’t over when I got married. It wasn’t over when I had my first baby. And it certainly wasn’t over when I had my second. She’s continued to make her home a safe haven for me to come visit with my kids to play, enjoy my parent’s company, and enjoy some cookies and coffee (because there’s always cookies and coffee at my mom’s house). She’s given me endless bits of advice, my favorite one being, “Sometimes babies just do weird things”. She’s answered countless questions about every single thing that you could possibly imagine, and she somehow always has a magical answer. She always answers my calls when I call her with a kitchen emergency such as, “Help, I already started my pot roast but my celery is limp”. While her job hasn’t ended (and never will), it has evolved. She’s no longer strictly just my parent. She’s my best friend and someone that I SO enjoy doing life with.

Hug or call your mom today if you can (and be so, so, so thankful if you are able to do that). I know I will ❤️ I love you, Mom!

Author: Drew Gulliver

A young wife and mom with a love of making home feel like home and food taste like happiness who spends her free time singing way too loudly in her kitchen or engulfed in a good game.

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