Hello Bello Diaper Review

Let me begin by saying that this is not a sponsored review and is just my honest opinion after using them for about a week.

Hello Bello is a new diaper company by Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard. They’re sold at Walmart for $23.94 for the box shown to the left (size 4, 74 count). I’m a die hard Pampers Swaddlers user! So that is what I will be comparing these to.

Here is a Pampers Pure (left), Pampers Swaddlers (middle), and a Hello Bello (right), all in a size 4! They’re generally the same size and fit very similarly on my baby. I like diapers to come up pretty high on my baby’s belly and Hello Bello delivers on that! Hello Bello is a thinner and softer diaper, but it holds up great! Plus….

The designs are so cute!! My underwear wearing toddler is jealous of her little sister’s new diapers! As you can see, there is no pee line. Now, I only really appreciate a pee line during the newborn stage. But, if they’re important to you, then please note that there isn’t one!

As for absorbency, I’m pretty satisfied! While they don’t seem to wick away moisture as fast as Pampers, they do hold a lot! They even work very well for my baby overnight. The only thing is that they don’t seem nearly as “waterproof” on the outside of the diaper. The outside of the diaper will feel wet if it’s filled with enough pee. Which, again, is fine for me because I don’t like to let my baby sit in a pee diaper long enough for that to happen anyways. If you have a very heavy pee-er overnight then I would definitely recommend finding a different overnight diaper, because Hello Bello probably won’t hold up very well for you.

For the price, I’m super impressed with Hello Bello diapers and I will be making the switch! They fit super well, even on my crazily active 10 month old. I have had zero leaks… well, not me.. my baby!! The designs put a smile on my face during diaper changes (which is a pretty hard thing to do), and they are super soft which gives me peace of mind knowing that my baby is happy and comfortable. To me they are pretty close to Pampers Pure, but even cheaper than Swaddlers! If you’re looking to save a few dollars and try something new, then I definitely recommend trying out Hello Bello

Questions about my experience? Comment below! Tried them yourself? Comment and let me know what you thought!

Author: Drew Gulliver

A young wife and mom with a love of making home feel like home and food taste like happiness who spends her free time singing way too loudly in her kitchen or engulfed in a good game.

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  1. I’ve tried Hello Bello and compared them to Honest Company. We do the deliver to your door bundles. They’re pretty close on everything, except Hello Bello is $14 cheaper per bundle (7 packs of diapers and 4 packs of wipes for $65 vs the same from Honest Company for $79). Honest Company has pull-ups and allows for mixed-sized bundles, so we’ll be sticking with them for now, but when we get our older one potty trained I’ll switch. Thanks for your review!

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