Never Alone

Never Alone is a song, not only about the exasperating reality of never being alone as a mother, but also about the joy of constantly being surrounded by an immeasurable amount of love. I wrote it as a poem during a morning journal session while watching my girls play from across the room, and I immediately wanted to put some music to it and really bring it to life. This song alternates between “never alone”, “pulled away” and “I’m here” stanzas, which ultimately represent the never ending cycle of my journey through motherhood. The “Never Alone” stanzas depict time spent with my husband which we are constantly being “pulled away” from by our kids. Purposefully, I ended the song with three “I’m here” stanzas in a row, as a way to show my mindful choice to put aside my mental, social, emotional, and physical exhaustion to always do my best to be there in a loving way for those who need me.

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This song also proves as a reminder to me of what I should do in the situations where my kids are pulling me away from another task. It’s easy to write “I’m here/ All is well/ You don’t need to worry/ You don’t need to yell”, but how many times do I just yell back in my constantly exhausted state? As a mother, my most important goal and self-given job is to love my family, to be completely understanding of their feelings in different situations, and to always be mindful of how my interactions with them shape how they feel. The last line, “surrounded by love”, was my choice to count it all as joy. While I am constantly “peopled out”, I am actively choosing to be thankful and enjoy these short years. I am never perfect in these practices, as I really do struggle with a deep sense of longing for peace, quiet, and alone time. I never ever want to wish away these precious first few years with my babies, and this is what this song has helped me to remember. Don’t forget to take a listen by clicking the link below the picture! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Never Alone
by Drew Gulliver

Never Alone
Sleeping toe to toe
Fingers entwined
Kiss like eskimos

Pulled away
Wish I could stay
But there’s a baby in the next room
Who needs me to say

I’m here
It’s alright
Close your sweet eyes and
Drift away for the night

Never alone
Sitting by the bath
Watching you wash the
Day off your back

Pulled away
By a toddler trying to say
I’m hungry and tired
And I need you to say

I’m here
All is well
You don’t need to worry
You don’t need to yell

Never alone
Your head on my lap
As we watch some TV
And enjoy each other’s laughs

Pulled away
By a baby crawling fast
Towards the cat’s food bowl
You remember what happened last time

I’m here
I’m never alone
I’m always right here
Solid as stone

I’m here
I’m never alone
Because you three you need me
To love you so sweetly

I’m here
My job is to love
And i love my job
I’m never alone

Surrounded by,

Author: Drew Gulliver

A young wife and mom with a love of making home feel like home and food taste like happiness who spends her free time singing way too loudly in her kitchen or engulfed in a good game.

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  1. The crazy ways of WordPress, one of your posts popped up…I am not a mother myself, but just wanted to support you…this song is beautiful! And you have a gorgeous family. (I was a tomboy myself so I relate to the hair and makeup issues, haha.)
    – Vanessa

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