A Little Bit About Me

Welcome to my crazy life! My name is Drew and I’m a 21 year old stay at home mom and wife. I have two amazing daughters, 2.5 years old and 10 months old! Both girls. Honestly, I’m starting this blog to have something for myself. Because, let’s be real here, as a mom nothing is yours. I have to hide in the pantry singing in a loud operatic voice just so my toddler can’t hear the package of Oreos that I’m stuffing my face with. Can you picture it? A mouthful of cookies while belting out “Ave Maria” in between munches? That’s my life.

I never expected to be a girl mom. I don’t really consider myself the type. I’m introverted, bad at hair and makeup, and please, oh please, don’t ask me to try to match clothing. My poor girls. Even my husband complains if I bring him a shirt and a pair of shorts that don’t match. Which is all the time. My girls, however, are obsessed with all things bright and sparkly. You should see their faces when my ultimately fabulous sister walks into the house. They’re always pointing to her hair, makeup, and nails in astonishment.  I love her to death. She is the best aunt for my girls and I am so incredibly thankful for her. Does she put me to shame when it comes to all things pretty and sparkly?

Oh, absolutely, but that’s just my life living with unicorns.

Willow, Emma, and I
Picture by Elizabeth Fontecchio Design

Anyways, I just want to write to not only document my thoughts, experiences, and ideas on life and motherhood, but also to share some of that for any moms out there who need to know they’re not alone. The confinement of your own home can be a dark and scary place sometimes. So, please, sit down, grab some coffee, and join me. You’re in good company here.

Author: Drew Gulliver

A young wife and mom with a love of making home feel like home and food taste like happiness who spends her free time singing way too loudly in her kitchen or engulfed in a good game.

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